Dear Entrepreneur,

- Agreement with Serasa, providing discounts to members;
- Legal support;
- Opportunity to take part in the Brazilian Furniture: programme that encourages exports. Led by Abimovel, and having Apex – Agencia de Promoção de Exportações e Investimentos as most important supporter, it helps companies with the costs for presenting their products in international fairs and promotes the Projeto Comprador (purchaser Project), which organizes meetings with importers from all around the world here in;
- SENAI: a school designed specifically to teach and improve the quality of the labor force in your furniture industry, which is called “University of Furniture”;
- CETEC – Center of technology in action and sustainable development:: it is responsible for running and recycling all the industrial waste of the furniture industry as well as giving support for the companies concerning environmental issues and acquisition of the Environmental License;
- APL – Arranjo Produtivo Local de Móveis: SIMA is part of the management of APL, which has lots of projects for the development of the furniture industrial plant. Among them: 1- Credit for companies from APL, 2- Design Project, 3- Quality Program; 4 – Improvement in the school level of the labor; 5) Program for improvement of the quality of work, 6) Program for management improvement; 7) Project for improvement of the production process; 8) International Missions (visits to fairs); 9) Participation in national furniture fairs; 10) PEIEX – Projeto de Extensão Industrial Exportadora (Project on the development of industry export);
- Social Area: ballroom, fully equipped to host up to 250 guests;
- 90 seat auditory, equipped with sound system and data-show;
- Meeting Room for 30 people;
- Organização de Caravanas para Feiras do setor: FIMMA, MOVELSUL, FENAVEM.